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Reporting Streetlight Outages

If you see a streetlight that is inoperable, you should report it as soon as possible. Here are four simple steps to follow and two helpful hints:

1. Locate and record the six-digit black on yellow pole number for the streetlight in question. That digit is located on the street side of the pole at about eye level height. Some poles have had their numbers removed by mischievous persons.

2. Record the address of the home closest to the pole, or the intersection at which the pole is located.

3. Call Bluebonnet Electric at 800-842-7708, listen to options, and select, “speak to a representative.” Any representative may help you.

4. Report clearly and distinctly that you would like to report a streetlight outage needing repair giving our neighborhood, the pole number, and the address of the location. Obtain the name of the representative with whom you talk, date, and time for later reference if necessary. Have the representative verify the information you have given. (Be aware that representatives usually do not handle these types of outage reports and may need a little time to get mindset oriented to what you are trying to report.)

5. Repairs are normally made within two weeks. Sometimes they are made even quicker.

6 läs hela rapporten. If a light does not stay lit all the time, it needs to be reported. Sometimes lights will go out momentarily and then later come back on – that needs to be reported as an outage.